Minecraft wait what meme part 19

2021 Туу 6-нд
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Minecraft wait what meme part 19 (Glass apple)
Funny moments in Minecraft.
Hi, my name is Josa Craft. I live in USA. If you live in the USA, then write about it in the comments.
To Be Continued - mnnews.info/vision/PLBDTrOLSv9LTxfVaISf4v3ryUnIt53Ec4
Best Traps - mnnews.info/vision/PLBDTrOLSv9LQvL2Jltoq2cLyls9Z3lBd1

  • What

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  • 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔😱😱😱😱😱😱.

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  • esta parte es falsa solo izo un corte y se cambio de skin miren los cerdos 5:22

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  • The final part luvky trees

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  • I get the water mod

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  • Mods

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  • 2:38ender man fake

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  • O_Owhats

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  • Хто в реку настяв? ??

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  • Jente si alguien sabe ablar español :v esto no funciona para los que no sabian :v son puro mod :v

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  • Ты это то что ты ешъ.

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  • 8:12 like

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  • Now 8 old kid will try it

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  • 😭

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  • 0:15 Активированный уголь) 0:15 Activated carbon)

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  • Enderman is real gamer

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  • Waht

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  • Coming my blade

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  • Mantaplah

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  • Now my brain singing WHAT THE F IS GOIN OOOOOON!!!!

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    • No more mr.swearing guy

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    • wut the heck men

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  • 6:33 Change diamonts?

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  • WHAT

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  • Hello world

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  • is mod

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  • Eorror Minecraft

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  • Whaaaa

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  • O com on its been 5 hours in dis point!

  • Wow a glass man 😁😁

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  • Normal water be Scp-354

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  • Il y a des français ??

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  • 3:49 Someone died in the ocean didn't they? 4:07 now they peed in the ocean.

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  • 5:41 bro you are using creative

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  • Mushrooms can break bedrock to

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  • 2:55 That's A Player Not A Enderman

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  • *turns water red * me you MADE IT BLOOD*

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  • Fake

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  • The one where when you Cut leaves off of the tree its a mod its not a wait what?

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  • ????????????????????????? Como que faz isso no Minecraft

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  • When every time something weird happen they say what Me: WHAAAAAA

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    • Ha ha I get it

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  • Is it real or mod

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    • Привет я тоже русский

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  • 4:12 Glory to Ukraine

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  • 1:56 its normal on Minecraft and your video is very trash

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  • 3:46 I don't know if any dye can color the water. I tested it but it didn't work

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    • It... doesn't. Edited in post Pocesessing. Look how it does not use up the dye.

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