13 Ways to SNEAK PETS INTO THE MOVIES! Sneak Pets Not Snacks into The Movies by KABOOM!

2020 Гах 4-нд
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It’s hard to part with our pet buddies, especially when there’s a good movie! We are here to show some crazy ways people trick security and sneak pets into the movies! Check out how our desperate pet lovers disguise their furry friends as children or even a screaming baby! If you can sneak food, why not sneak pets inside too? Stay tuned for more awkward moments, funny situations, and crazy pet pranks at the movie theater by Kaboom!
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Sneaky Snake
Dog Child
Fish Under Coat
Spider In Mouth
Guinea Pig In a Ball
Dog Baby
Lizard & Hypnosis
Mouse In Hair Buns
Kittens In Boobs
Duck In a Bucket
Ferret in Hoodie
Guide Dog & Guide Parrot
Frog in Fisherman’s Boots
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