Rich Princess vs Broke Princess / Hard to Be a Girl!

2021 Бар 4-нд
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Hot vs Cold / Funny Pregnancy Situations!:
What girl doesn't dream of becoming a princess? But not all princesses have a wonderful life. Watch new ideas rich vs broke in our video.
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  • Doesn’t every princess want to go to the ball? Both Princess Olivia, who lives in a rich kingdom, and Princess Jennie, who lives in a broke kingdom, are really excited to get invited to the ball. Watch our new video to find out who gets the prince!

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  • The poor princess is poor but has a bootiful house ,make up and dress

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  • Lol I love how they used red bull’s advertising because when Jenny drank it she flew and in the advert it says “red bull makes you fly”

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  • Jenna AKA The Broke one But Has A Good Heart

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  • Very cute the part when Jenny pretend to pass out and then the prince started to kiss her even before shifting Jenny

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