Among Us - My Heart hat gives me a new life !

2021 Туу 6-нд
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Heart hat saved me from the impostor!
Heart hat gives me a new life !

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  • Beware of killing a crewmate who have a Heart Hat because it will give him a chance to come back to life and kill you! Hope you like the video🔥🔥 (Like) and (Subscribe) for more videos

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    • You have only killed the imposter because of the kids in knife probably took it because you were in kitchen

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  • His hat is heart now his heart is halo

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  • Did anyone realise his hat changed to heaven hat

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  • Woah, this is cool I should wear the heart hat more often. Nice secret.

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  • The imposter: lazering Tir Max Tir Max: the heart gives him new life wow I revived it's time to get revenge

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