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Hi guys! Have you ever heard of bridge worms? The bridge worm is a long, worm-like creature known to lurk under long motorway bridges. It has long arms and bony fingers, very similar to human ones! Also it has huge round eyes and an eerie mouth with sharp teeth. Would you like to meet such a creature on a walk?
But we are not shy! And today we will create a real bridge worm in real life! Well, at the same time we will play a trick on our friend! We are sure he will love this funky prank! For this, we need a lot of polymer clay. We sculpt the figure of the bridge worm and bake the base of the worm in the oven. After the worm is baked, start coloring. This is a very important part, guys! Use red, white, and other shades to make the worm look realistic. And as we said, the bridge worm lives under the posts, so let's create a familiar atmosphere for it and build a brick bridge. Now we only need to surprise our friend and show him our new craft! Watch to the end to see his reaction!
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