If FOOD were PEOPLE | Funny Food Situations by La La Life Emoji

2021 Бар 12-нд
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What if food were people? Do you think it would be cool or awkward? Let's see what can happen in our new vid! 🥦 🍔🥦 🍔🥦 🍔🥦
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00:00 No more junk food!
00:27 To the trash!
00:57 You got me!
01:18 Experiment
01:57 Chewing gum
02:18 Shopping
02:43 Pistachio
03:26 Marshmellow
03:58 Dads' secret
04:23 Garlic vs Gum
05:07 No food in the cinema!
05:37 Candy sound
05:58 What chips?
06:08 Spicy meal
06:41 Ketchup & Mayo
07:11 Coffee & sweets
07:38 Сabbages' revenge
08:16 Stuck in teeth
08:26 Tomato lover
09:02 Expensive cheese
09:25 Сheating with cake
10:18 No more diets!
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