Admin VS BOSSES in Blox Fruits! (INSANE!)

2021 Туу 4-нд
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  • Hey axoire could u maybe update control fruit. Could u maybe make teleport 75 And have a new move that u get at 250 That move would freeze the target that ur pointing at and the stun time would be 5 sec. I just wanted to say that cuz in the anime he freezes everyone in the room. That's it. ( and it hase a 25 sec cooldown )

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  • WOW

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  • But after all great vid axiore:)

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  • Believe me guys this is only rip ciro and he is not as powerful as indra bro:)))

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  • Bro I love the Amaterasu

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  • everyone i got a story for you that will make you say oof btw i like rumble that is important in the story so i was farming in sky islands trying to go to new world all that stuff but i was gonna spin a fruit first and i went to jungle my cape wouldn't let me wear my cape so i didn't care because i dont need the cape so i wnet to jungle and i buy a fruit and what do you know its rumble i was so happy and then when i eat it wont let i tried and tried and tried no thing happens i reset it cause i thought the fruit still be in my inventory its gone i was so sad and mad at the same time

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