Mini Crewmate Kills 7 Star Wars Characters | Among Us

2021 Туу 7-нд
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  • 0:06 my god he’s the savior of the world yet he can’t beat reality check

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  • I love how yoda turned intp baby yoda

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  • do mini crewmate kills (insert no. here) friday night funkin mods

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  • Can you make amongus kills one piece

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  • Mini Crewmeate Kills sire hear

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  • 0:10 easy 0:13 DIE

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    • 2 chorus kids and bear? Die bear?.! 0:35

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    • 0:09 beat the undertale song... Oof

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  • Most of these are nonsense in an unfunny way.. cool simple animations though

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  • 0:10 Dusttale theme

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  • 0:12 thats megalovania song from Dusttale fangame

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  • at 0:13 there is dust megalovania

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  • He farted on baby yoka

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  • B A B Y

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  • Should have had mini crewmate not move during the stormtroopers part. Would have been 100% more accurate.

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  • 0:24 baby 🌹🌹⭐⭐🥰🥰❤❤

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  • 0:35 that's an awesome throwback to Rhythm Heaven

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  • Darth vader was *OOF*

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  • It remember something this music 0:12

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  • 7 characters + 6 clones in death

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  • 0:45 The dad: excuse me, wtf

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  • 0:25 when a robo got ½ an error

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  • still hate these videos.

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  • Litteraly did anyone notice the second boss is beat saber

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  • Where sidious

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  • Mini crew mate kills 7 regular show characters?

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  • 1:Luke skywalker 2:Yoda 3:Bb-8 4:R2-d2 5:C3PO 6:Chewbacca 7:Darth vader

  • 0:50 ok lets kick thi is guy

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  • Now do mine crewmate kills Roblox characters

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  • Red sus

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  • Dark vater wa- Was Oofed

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  • Beat saber

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  • darth Vader: i am your father mini crewmate: DAD, AM I ADOPTED mini crewmates dad: idk

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  • I'm a your father oof 0:43 0:52

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  • 0:20 is so funny

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  • Cool dodging mini crewmate you are talented

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  • 0:12 this is 100% from hyper dust theme

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  • 1 lol and 2 death Vader you are not the father!

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  • 0:12 M E G A L O V A N I A

  • 0:13 oh yeah

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  • Darth Vader was OOF

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  • YOU'lll Right you Are Ah Father.

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  • The ppi

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  • 0:39 rythem heaven guy

  • 0:03 Red: oh no

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  • The glee club

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  • 0:12 *Dustale Red megolovania Start*

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  • 0:12 Dust sans music Dust allow me to introduce myself

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  • My fav kill baby yoda

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  • 0:33 two chorus kid and chewbecca

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  • All references: 0:01 stormtroopers bad aim reference 0:09 beat saber reference 0:22 baby yoda / BABY patrick meme reference 0:34 rythym heaven reference

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  • 0:45 what's hapend with mini crewmate on Red hed 🤔☹️

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  • Technically The number of Star Wars deaths caused by the mini crewmate throughout this animation is eight well technically one of them isn’t actually a Star Wars death and another one of them is also technically not a Star Wars death I’m talking about Yoda and the spear with a semi sphere on it robot thingy But I’m still counting those and either way you still did put in a typo in the title

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  • Among us so noob

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  • 0:25 F****WTF

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