Fantastic 3D-Pen And Glue Gun DIY Crafts || Mini Crafts, DIY Jewelry And Repair Tricks

2021 Туу 8-нд
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00:00 3D-pen mermaid's tail
00:45 Repairing broken cup
01:18 3D-pen cat cup
02:04 Golden plant pot
03:07 3D-pen mini Eiffel Tower
04:21 DIY geometrical necklace
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  • TIMESTAMPS: 00:00​ mermaid's tail 00:45​ Repairing a broken cup 01:18​ cat cup 02:04​ plant pot 03:07​ mini Eiffel Tower 04:21 geometrical necklace

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  • Break the handle off of a mug? Don't glue it back together! Make a WHOLE NEW HANDLE with a 3D pen that will take HOURS of work and about ten dollars worth of plastic! Bonus: It will break as SOON as you pick it up!! Amazing!!!

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  • I think this is kind of dumb because 3D pen food is not cheap so why are you wasting it when you can get most of these items at the dollar store instead of having to buy expensive 3D pen food.

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  • FINALLY SOME REALISTIC SOLUTIONS TO REALISTIC PROBLEMS but if u have the money to but 3-D pen then u probably have money to buy a new cup and a real mermaid doll 13:07 why don't you keep it on he bed 14:19 i don't think that is safe dear, 15:05 why don't you buy a wallet GIRLLL

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