Among Us But Impostor Saves Ghost

2021 Бар 6-нд
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  • 0:32 *By the time that happened the skeld would already be falling to earth.*

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  • Can make purple goes AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Like from the cats

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  • White VS Res :do you agree

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  • 1:21 Fera disconnected

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  • Ugh,mg,ok;Kay

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  • red's bizarre adventure: the impostor's hacks

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  • Hello FERA, how are you? I love your work, I would love to be like you, your animations are very encouraging. I am one of your famous fans. I would love to meet you in person, I swear and ... you can do more chapters plis

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  • One question, can you do more chapters, I am your biggest fan, I even dream of the characters in my dreams, I swear to you, your work and effort impress me and tell me about them the characters, which is a boy or a girl, the pets ... I hope you like what you do because it's great bye FERA

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