Weird Ways to Sneak Makeup Into Class | Sneak Anything Anywhere! Funny Makeup Tricks by Crafty Panda

2021 Луу 3-нд
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Hey there, beautiful Pandas! Want to fix yourself up while at school to look pretty in front of everyone? No makeup allowed, you say? Not a problem! We have got you covered! Take a look at our amazing DIY ideas on how to sneak makeup into class! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more funny situations \u0026 the best hacks by Crafty Panda!

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Lipstick In A Heel
Nail Polish Glue
Makeup Pallet In A Notebook
Makeup Pencils
Eyelashes In Teddy Bear
Nail File
Foundation Set Fake Plant
Hiding Lipstick In Pencil
Watercolor Makeup

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