xXDarkRose EclipseXx

xXDarkRose EclipseXx

Henlo, My Fellow Solar!~ on Gacha Community!! Welcome to my channel, my name is Eclipse.

And i'll be doing so many content like, GLMV's/GCMV's, GLMMs/GCMM's, Pranks, Skits, Memes, Singing Battles, Series, Naruto Vid's my original ideas etc. and
Also I am having so much fun and Adventure with you guys, with my partner and my friends!!

In here I'm calling you guys my Fellow Solar!~ Because I really like calling you one. And sometimes I call my Family nor my Friends like that '''°-°

And has I was saying, if you want to be the part of our Adventurers, Subscribe and like comment and feel yourself at home! I hope you guys enjoy my videos Gacha Life/Club is Fun but we make it wonderful by treating them right!

And please, don't only like my Naruto Videos, like my own Videos, to.. because i'm losing motivation's after I notice that you guys only like my Naruto Vid, More than my own OC's.. so please support me on any vid I make.. don't just choose what's best.. ty!